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2002-08-30  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_app.c (): new file. a little GNOME application with
	the same functionality as the applet without the context menu yet.
	* src/gbox_app.c (about_cb): fixed compiler warning

2001-03-01  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c (check_mailbox): 
	do not stop timer if tooltip is shown, but just update tooltip if
	is not shown

2000-11-26  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c (create_tooltip): 
	stopped creating tooltip each before shown; using

2000-11-21  Andreas Buesching  

	* ja.po:
	by Kazuya NUMATA 

2000-11-17  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c (sigusr1):
	this signal handler is used to (de-)activate the tooltip by the
	caught signal SIGUSR1

	* Makefile.am (EXTRA_DIST): 
	add gbox_applet.spec

2000-11-16  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_menu.c (print_mime):
	add this function written by
	  - Kevin Loos 
          - Hans-Juergen Ficker 
        now gbox should be able to print iso-8859-x encoded subjects
2000-05-26  Andreas Buesching  

	* gbox_applet.desktop: 
	changed name from gbox_applet to Gbox
	* Makefile.am (pixmap_DATA): 
	added an 'first-try' icon

	* src/gbox_mailbox.c (gbox_mailbox_count_mails): 
	fixed another bug with 'Status', which was not read when it
	appears behind the 'Content-Type'
2000-05-26  Thomas Schenk  

	* src/gbox_mailbox.c (gbox_mailbox_count_mails): 
	fixed two logic errors
2000-05-25  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c (set_mail_icon): 
	expose image if we set a new icon
	* de.po: 
	updated german translation

2000-05-11  Thomas Buntrock  

	* src/gbox_mailbox.c (gbox_mailbox_count_mails): 
	added header recognition, so that Sender and Subject can be
	extracted, even after Content-Type was read.

2000-05-04  Rob Meredith  
	* src/gbox_mailbox.c (count_mails):
	fixed up status header checking to make compatible with mailboxes
	that are accessed with an IMAP client.

2000-04-25  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c (create_mail_widgets): 
	added frame with 'etched in' shadow. All gnome 1.1.x applets does
	added option to deactivate frame
	set a new default value for the interval

2000-04-06  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_mailbox.c (gbox_mailbox_count_mails): 
	add a pine fix. remove the mail info struct if the Status of the
	mail is set to 'R'

2000-03-10  Andreas Buesching  

	* configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS):
	added dutch translation (thanks to Christina Dörge )

2000-03-07  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c (show_tooltip): 
	using gtk_widget_size_request to determinate the size of tooltip
	* src/Makefile.am: 
	added gbox_gfx.(c|h) to the file list (another step in 'cleaning
	up process'
	* src/gbox_applet.c (draw_image): 
	the new drawing function wich uses gdk-pixbuf
	* gbox_applet.spec.in: 
	used the spec-file from Glenn Attwood and modified a little bit so
	it works with a variable verion number
2000-02-15  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c (read_config_data): 
	do not use gnome_pixmap_file anymore. It does not work for all
	installations, so I use my own way ... GBOX_PIXMAP_DIR
	freeing GdkImlibImage's after retrieving  GdkPixmap and
	GdkBitmap. Maybe a memory leak???

	* configure.in (ALL_LINGUAS): 
	add DEFINE GBOX_PIXMAP_DIR to determine the directory of gbox's
	pixmaps depending on the $prefix.

2000-01-31  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c (set_mail_icon): 
	this function will now update the image and the sum of new mails
	using GtkFixed to display the image and over it the new label

	* src/gbox_prop.c (create_page_misc): 
	added new properties: sum of new mails, position of this number,

2000-01-24  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c (create_mail_widgets): 
	added label for displaying sum of new mails

2000-01-23  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_applet.c: 
	inserted patch from eric (removes the button which is not needed)
	fixed a problem with the patch from eric. every mouse button has
	started the mail program.
1999-12-30  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_mailbox_dlg.c (show_box_dialog): fixed a bug which
	dumps a core when using the file selector.

1999-12-23  Andreas Buesching  

	* src/gbox_mailbox_dlg.c: created new file. All function for the
	mailbox_dialog are moved to this new file (from gbox_prop.c)

	* Makefile.am (sysdir): using gnome-config to determine the
	directories for .desktop and .gnorba files

	* src/gbox_prop.h: added four new struct which contains the Widget
	for the property pages. PropPageDefault is also used for the
	mailbox dialog.

	* src/gbox_mailbox.c (gbox_mailbox_row_free): fixed a ugly bug in
	freeing the memory
	(gbox_mailbox_row_get): fixed the memory allocation and added the
	the fourth column

	* src/gbox_applet.c (check_mailbox): fixed the bug with the

1999-12-05  Eric Gillespie Jr.  

       * src/gbox_applet.c (check_mailbox): Only count mails if mailbox has
       changed since last time we checked.
       (check_mailbox): Also checks if size of mailbox has changed since last
       time we checked.

       * src/gbox_mailbox.c (gbox_mailbox_new): Initialize
       new_mb->modification_time to 0.

       * src/gbox_mailbox.h (MailBox): New member: time_t modification_time.

1999-12-02  Eric Gillespie Jr.  

      * src/gbox_applet.c (check_mailbox): Reset access time of mailbox after

      * src/gbox_mailbox.h: (MailBox): New member: gboolean

      * src/gbox_mailbox.c (gbox_mailbox_new): Initialize
      new_mb->changed_last_time to FALSE.
      (gbox_mailbox_count_mails): Now looks for Status: header to see if
      a message has been marked read.

      * src/gbox_applet.c (check_mailbox): A mailbox is only added to
      new_count if it has gotten new messages since last time it was checked,
      rather than any time it has messages.